Exness Broker Review

Exness Review

Exness Review – There are about a thousand different types of brokers to trade Forex and they have been providing services in different ways. Now the question is, will you start trading by choosing a broker? This is important because you need to be a good broker to trade well. The broker acts as an important factor for trading. But as a new trader, choosing the broker of your choice is difficult. Because it is not possible for a new trader to check and choose different brokers. That is why we have today’s article. We have always tried to introduce you to all the popular brokers and their services. In today’s Exness Review article, I will highlight all the good and bad aspects of this broker and tell you about the detailed review of this broker. So let’s get started –

Before Exness Review –

The easiest way to find out the good or bad of any broker is to find out about the support of the broker and some other important things. In order to provide reviews about the broker, we have checked and selected some of the issues, and based on that we have provided reviews. In order to provide reviews, we will focus on the following 6 topics.

  1. Execution time
  2. Fund processing time
  3. Fund Security
  4. Broker Support System
  5. Various bonuses and promotions
  6. Leverage
  7. Spread

Exness Review – Execution
Here is the execution time, exactly how much time you have when you trade real. To put it more simply, I wanted to explain how much time it takes to get an entry. This is important because if you take too long to accept an entry, your target pips may be lost. The execution time of this broker is average. That is, it is not an instantaneous entry. Due to which those who prefer to trade during a very large amount of movement, for example, during news trading can be a bit of a problem. In our experience, it is normal to have some delays during news trading. Due to the extra movement, there is a “Re-Quote” when accepting an entry, due to which the entry may not be available at the price at which you entered. However, if you trade on this broker’s ECN account, this problem will not occur.

Exness Review – Fund Processing
The biggest reason for the popularity of Exxon brokers is the fund processing time. That is, it does not take more than a second to deposit or withdraw funds at this broker, which is why most traders trade at this broker. In our experience, it did not take more than a second for this broker to deposit or withdraw funds.

We used Neteller and Skrill to deposit and withdraw funds at the broker and it did not take much time to transfer funds through it. And I can assure you, no other broker like Exxon makes instant payments.

Exness Review – Fund Security
All traders, by depositing funds in the broker, are a little worried. Because this money will not be lost or the broker will not kill the money? We know this is normal. Because, brother, these are our hard-earned money. If we lose money by trading, it will not be as difficult as if the broker does not allow us to withdraw funds or does not provide protection to the money we have invested.

There are many of you who have heard the name of the surrogate account. Now the question is, what has this got to do with fund security? For your convenience, the broker itself is not a bank due to which your invested funds are deposited in the broker’s account. Brokers who offer Surrogate Accounts deposit their client’s funds directly in a client’s name with a listed and trusted bank as opposed to depositing them in their own account. Now the question is, what are the benefits? Let me explain with a simple example –

Suppose you deposit funds in a broker called “A” which does not have the facility of Surrogate Account. If at any time, your broker goes bankrupt, all the funds you have invested will be lost. That is, you will never get that money back.

On the other hand, he deposited funds in a broker called “B” who has the benefit of a Surrogate Account. If at any time your broker goes bankrupt, the bank will be obliged to return all the funds you have invested. Hope you understand. Exness’s security system is strong enough. A security code will be sent to your registered phone number whenever you go to deposit or withdraw any amount from the broker. And by providing that code you can then withdraw funds from the broker.

Exness Review – Broker Support
This broker is also very reliable in terms of customer support. This broker provides support in the languages ​​of about 16 countries. For Bangladeshi traders, there is the facility of direct support in Bengali. That is, if you want to receive support in Bengali, the broker’s support team will provide you with adequate support in Bengali.

Also, this broker has the facility of live chat which will be open 24 hours 5 days a week through which you can get the necessary help from the broker through instant chat. Also, you can get the help you need with the broker’s support team by email or phone.

Exness Review – Bonuses and promotions
There are many who want to start a real trade with the various offers offered by the broker. But Exxon can’t help too much in this regard. That is, this broker does not offer any bonus offers. However, depending on the account, the broker offers a special deposit bonus offer. But that is not for everyone.

So, if you want to start trading with this broker with a bonus, this broker will not be able to help you. However, for those who do not want to start trading with bonus offers, this should not be a problem.

Exness Review – Leverage
In a word, this broker is ideal for traders who like to trade through leverage. Without any restrictions, the broker will give you the benefit of leverage up to 1: 2000 and you do not have to deposit any amount for this. One thing you need to know, however, is that the amount of leverage is automatically reduced during various important news or events. This is normal but it can have a detrimental effect on your trading strategy. As soon as the news time is up, your leverage will be set again. When the broker changes the leverage, you will be notified via email.

Note: Leverage and marginal trading are not for everyone, especially newcomers. Excess leverage can lead to a loss of your investment. So, please read our Leverage and Margin article seriously before trading with Excess Leverage.

Exness Review – Spread
Simply put, the gap between the given buy price and the sale price of the entry you take. This gap is called the spread which is considered as the profit of the broker. Spread is a loss for traders, because if you enter a currency pair where the amount of spread is higher, it will open with more loss.

Now it is not possible to trade without spreads. Therefore, traders prefer the broker which has less spread. The amount of spread in Exxon Broker is tolerable. That is, the extra spread does not charge this broker. Based on the movement of the market, the broker has to change its spread. That is, the spread in this broker is “variable” which is constantly changing above the market price movement.

This spread can be observed in all major currency pairs from a minimum of 1 to 16 pips depending on the movement of the market. Which is comparatively much less than other brokers. If you are looking for a low spread broker then Exxon may be one of your options.

Exness Review – Social Trading
There are many people who want to trade Forex or are interested in investing but do not understand trading on their own or do not get time to trade, for these brokers offer the benefits of social trading or copy trading. This will allow you to copy the trades of the best traders directly from the broker. That is, you do not have to trade on your own, the trader’s copy will be copied, this trade will be copied to your trading account in the automated system. This could be a good opportunity for you. Please read the Exness Social Trading article for details.

Take aim –

As a trader, you can start trading at any broker of your choice. However, since you are starting to trade as a brand new person or want to change your broker, we have only tried to help by providing this review. All the information we have presented in this Exness Review article is based entirely on our own trading experience. All of the information presented above is 100% accurate and was not published for any advertising or promotion purposes. If you have any comments, questions, or experiences about this review, please feel free to email us or write in the comments section below.

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