1. I’ve registered my neteller and skrill account
    I need to verify my neteller account.
    I need skrill dollar 0.01$
    Can you help me with that please.

    • Thanks for your Comment.
      We are unable to send the desired fund as our office is closed due to ongoing pandemic. Requesting you to please find somewhere else or upload money from Your Credit card.

    • Thanks for your comments. Neteller is not fully regulated in our country yet! So you can not use Local banks to deposit funds your Neteller account. But you can use Credit Card to upload money. Better use skrill and it is fully regulated and authorized by our central bank. Reference link – https://fxbd.co/skrill

  2. Hello! Can I use Skrill legally in Bangladesh to withdraw money by bank transfer from One bank limited?
    And how can I pay foreign payment? Like about 52k. Because Bangladesh debit card doesn’t work in duel currency payment.

  3. I have money in my neteller account but my account hasn’t verified yet bcz all my documents is bangla now when i submit these thry are not allowed this type of documents.Now what should i do for that?

    • Thanks for your Comment.
      In that case, you can try to use your Bank Statement for address verification. Because it is safe and accepted by Neteller. For ID Verification, You need to submit your NID and For address verification, you can use a colored copy of your Bank Statement. Please make sure, Statement must have an authorized bank Seal and Signature. Transection is not required.

  4. Hi there
    Is it possible to transfer money to skrill account using local BD bank or local debit card. Also will I be able to receive fund from my forex trading account to my BD account via skrill

    • No, you won’t able to use your local bank to deposit funds directly from your Bank to your Skrill Account. You can only use dual-currency cards (Debit or Credit) for depositing funds in your skrill account. Here is the Withdrawal sequence: Trading Account > Skrill > Local Bank. Please feel free to let us know if you need to know anything else by sending an email to our experts – [email protected]


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