Why Trade of Forex

Trading Advantages

Trading Advantages- We all know the greater risk of forex trading. That means, the amount of money invested in this market is expected to be too high risk. So surely the question is now “Why are people more interested in learning about Forex?”

The answer, I left it for you. All we can say is that, despite the risks, because everyone is interested in this trading, it certainly means that there are some special benefits to this trading! Isn’t it? The point of today’s article is to introduce you to these special benefits. So that you can understand why everyone wants to be a forex trader? Let’s not know the details of today’s article “Trading Advantages”.

There is no commission

No Annual Charges, no exchange fee, no government fees, no brokerage fees, brokers basically charge their commissions through trade / sell spread.
NB: w’ll discuss more about the spread later.

No middle ground

Spot currency trading does not require any liquidation and it allows you to trade directly at a specific currency pair.

There are no lot / volume restrictions

In the spot forex market you can select lot / volume as you like depending on your deposit. We will discuss this further.

24 hours trading time

This market, like our country’s stock market, is not open for just a few hours. Open 5 days a week, Monday night to Friday 8am to 5pm. You can trade at any time of your choice.
NB: Above mentioned time is GMT + 6. During Summer & Winter time will change as per U.S. time schedule.


A small deposit in the forex market can also control the contract of a larger lot. Higher leverage gives you the ability to trade more, as well as significantly reduce your risk.
NB: You must do a good Risk Management Calculate before taking maximum leverage.

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