Why do Skrill transactions fail?


Why do Skrill transactions fail? Sometimes, you may see, your transactions have failed or declined. it occurs due to some possible reasons.

  • If your skrill account was not created successfully.
  • If no funds or such exact amount will not available in your account.
  • If your account is not verified properly.
  • If you have entered the wrong Security Number or PIN while trying to send money to others.
  • If your account has reached a certain transaction limit.
  • if some cases, skrill does not allow the transaction of funds.

In some regions, skrill does not offer fund transfer facilities such as the USA and CANADA. If your skrill wallet has registered under this geolocation then you may not find any fund transfer option in your wallet.

Please make sure to check the following things before making any payment or fund transfer to others.

  • Make sure your account is fully verified and does not have any limit. In most cases, skrill binds a limit for unverified accounts. So complete your verification first. You can check our Skrill Verification Article for detailed guidelines.
  • For online payment, make sure your merchant support skrill payment. Otherwise, you will not able to confirm the payment.
  • If your merchant allows skrill payment but still you can unable to complete the payment then make sure your account name and details are correct as per your merchant account. In some cases, if your merchant account details differ from your skrill wallet then it will unauthorize the payment that you have made.
  • For money transfers to another account, please make sure the receiver account email id is valid and correct. In most cases, if the receiver wallet is blocked to terminated then you will not be able to transfer money.
  • Please check that you have enough funds in your wallet before sending funds to others. If everything goes well but still your transactions fail then please contact the skrill support team at www.skrill.com
If you want to learn more, please have a look at the Skrill section. We have also added a FAQ section where you can find the most common answers. Please refer to the Skrill FAQ Section to find your answers.

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