How do I delete my Exness account?


Make it a bit clear first. Do you really want to delete your Registered Exness account? or you are looking to Delete or archive your trading account? Well, we discuss both of them for your assistance.

Delete Registration

First of all, if you want to delete your exness registration then sorry to say, there is no automatic process to do it. You need to send an email to the broker support team and let them inform your issues in writing. Then the support team will cross-check it and give you feedback as soon as possible. The support email address is –

Delete Trading Account

Unfortunately, you won’t able to delete it either. You only can hide or archive it from your client cabinet and then that trading account will not be available to login to your trading terminal. To do that you need to login to your client cabinet or broker dashboard by using your registered email address and password.

after login, all of your created trading accounts can be found in your dashboard. from here select that account you wan to archive and find a “Gear Icon” from the right. Check the below image for your reference.

Delete Exness Trading Account

after clicking the “Archive Account” the selected trading account will be hidden from your dashboard and will not be able to deposit or trading. But if you want to use that account in the future, then you can reactivate it again from your client cabinet.

Reactivate Exness Trading account

just click on the “Archived” button then you can see all of your already archived trading accounts and click the “Reactivate” button situated on the right. Trading account will be available again for trading and you can now login to your trading terminal.

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