Does XM accept Bitcoin?


Does XM accept Bitcoin? – If you want to deposit funds via Bitcoin in your trading account then, first of all, make sure, your trading account has been registered under XM (Trading Point) Seychelles License.

As this broker is regulated by different regulatory authorities so due to the regulatory terms, the residence from different countries got registered under some different regulatory conditions. For Example, if any residence belongs to EEA then the trading account will be registered under Trading Point (XM) FCA registration. 

If you want to know the detailed Regulatory information of this broker please have a look at our XM Regulation article.

So, if your account can be funded in Bitcoin, then you can find the details in your Client Cabinet. From your account dashboard, you may see a Bitcoin Icon.

XM accept Bitcoin For Depositing and Withdrawal FundsPlease follow the below steps while Depositing funds via Bitcoin in your trading account.

  • After login into your Account Dashboard, Please click Deposit on the upper menu section.
  • Here you see Bitcoin Icon (If your account is authorized). Then please click on the “DEPOSIT HERE” Button.
  • After clicking this button, you need to specify the amount that you need to deposit.
  • Quick Response (QR) Code will appear right after. Please follow the code and the onscreen instructions.
  • Please make sure, this code will be valid only for the next 15 minutes. So, You must perform the deposit request within this time.
Before you make a Bitcoin Deposit in XM Broker, please make sure you have acknowledged the below-mentioned information.
  • XM only accepts and processes Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals based on the instructions received by you. The total deposit amount made via Bitcoin needs to be withdrawn/refunded via the same method as per the company’s withdrawal procedure.
  • You will be able to make Bitcoin deposits up to USD 5,000 (or currency equivalent) per month.
  • The Bitcoin deposit process is not automatic. XM will credit your account within 60 minutes and notify you via email so that you can start trading immediately.
  • Please note that XM Broker will not receive the full amount you deposited because of the transfer processing fees. Nevertheless, XM will cover the balance of any fees charged for processing this transaction and will credit your account with the corresponding amount.
  • Please make sure that all payments are made from an account registered in the same name as your XM Trading account.

If you want to know more regarding this broker, then please have a look at our Website’s XM Broker Section. Also, you can check our XM Broker FAQ for the most common answers.