Can you get scammed on skrill?


Skrill is the most popular payment system for online Forex Traders and Merchants. But in some cases, there is some major controversy that, skrill corporations freeze your account and block all of your money. It is true but not in general.

Skrill has a strong regulation of FCA and due to its strict regularity, the user must have followed all of their terms and conditions. If anyone failed to obey these terms, then skrill will block and take some serious actions from their end.

Skrill uses 3D secure Payment security for both the Senders and receivers. So, if you do not comply with skrill terms then you are not cable of using its services and as a result, they will block your account completely.

So, it is necessary to know the details of their account uses terms and conditions. To know more, pleaser refers to the skrill website –

From our personal experience, we are using skrill since 2013 and it is working smoothly without having a single issue. So, we recommend using Skrill and its services for investing Forex or Binary Trading.

Most of the time, Internet IPs, registering different accounts under the same name and use with the same internet IP is the most common problem that skrill take some serious actions. It is strongly prohibited for skrill users.