Risk Warning

Forex trading is not for everyone. There is a lot of risk in Forex and Binary or Contemporary Trade which can lead to a complete loss of all your money / funds invested. Don’t be fully involved with Forex trade without fully knowing about the existing risks.

There are significant risks involved in Commodity Futures, Option CFD’s and Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading. Additionally, additional leverage can also cause you to lose your entire investment. Selecting a foreign exchange or forex market trading as a carrier is a very big risk and for many it is not worth investing in this market. Higher levels of market leverage can be a detriment to your success. So before investing your capital in this market, think carefully about the investment objectives and think about the risks involved and the amount of experience you need. You should always keep in mind that your invested capital in this market is always at risk. At any time, your investment may be partially or completely lost. If you do not have the capability to invest invested capital, then it is completely unfair for you to invest in this market. So before investing you must be sure of your own experience and capabilities in this regard, then invest and seek the advice of experienced.

Leverage helps you in Commodity Futures, Option CFD’s and Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading but you must have a detailed understanding of this. You need to thoroughly review your existing financial situation and obtain the right leverage. If you have no idea about this, please seek the advice of a professional trader before investing.

There is no guarantee that prior trading experience will always serve as a future success. So whether you are a successful demo or a practice trader, there is no reason to think that you will find success in real trade. All of the trading instruments mentioned are far more risk averse. In addition to your trading expertise here, your overall financial situation, your market analysis, estimated profitability demand and other surrounding conditions are also included. All of these things act as a risk factor for a trader. You need to understand these issues well and trade.

It is certainly a risky decision to buy / sell in any currency pair or commodity in the “forex market”, so make sure you judge and analyze the risk correctly. The profit / loss through purchase / sale on each currency pair depends on the specific currency. The future of each currency depends on the economic condition of the country and the current and future policies of the country, depending on which the market is moving. The adoption of political decisions by any of the key policy-making countries (US, UK, EU) can lead to abnormal movements in the market, so it is important to keep these factors in mind when trading.

It is mandatory for each broker to be listed on a particular country’s economic policy (Ex. ‘FCA, CYSC, CFTC, CTA’) to conduct their operations. This listing imposes different restrictions on the broker’s ability to conduct their activities, and it also increases the broker’s credibility with the client. The broker and his client will be responsible for some matters to each other as a result of this listing. Just as a broker is obligated to provide various services / services to the client, the client will also be required to abide by the broker’s policies.

Each broker has a specific policy known as the ‘Client Agreement‘. Under this policy, the broker has clear rules for all services, bonuses, support, money investing and withdrawal from the trade. When a client starts trading at a broker, it means that the client is aware of the rules and is investing at his will. Before trading in any broker, you should read the broker’s ‘Client Agreement’ in its entirety. It is important to know about this before starting a trade. So if for any reason you fall into trouble then the broker will provide you support according to the policy. Beyond that you will not receive any assistance.

Before starting a trade, each client needs to know and understand their margins in detail. Trade dependent on margin has a much higher risk. It’s not for everyone. To do leverage and margin dependent trading, you need to know more about skills, experience, risk management. If not, you may lose your entire investment. One thing to keep in mind is that the kind of trade you can pay the maximum amount of profit you can have. Loans or ongoing financing are not for forex trading. After all the existing expenses, you can only invest in the Forex market if you have the money. Otherwise you may find yourself facing financial problems later on.

Fx Bangladesh / Forex Bangladesh / Forex Bangladesh does not encourage you to invest in Forex Trade or any related business. The fact that you are visiting this website means that you are interested in trading Forex. You know and understand all the risks associated with Forex trading. We will not accept any loss or liability of your investment in Forex Trade (Fx Bangladesh / Forex Bangladesh / Forex Bangladesh). You are trading at your own decision and no one is forcing you to trade.

We are not a Broker / Dealer. We do not expect any information about the market from a broker or any other medium. Market information, such as news, analysis, articles that we present to you is fully marketed in the light of our own views and opinions. So before making any conclusions from any of the information provided, you must make a decision after scrutinizing yourself sufficiently. “Forex Bangladesh” is not a partner in any part of your profits based on any information provided by our “Forex Bangladesh” and we are not responsible for “Forex Bangladesh” if you lose your capital for the same reason.

Expert Analysis –

To help with trading of new or existing traders, we have some guidance on Forex Analysis. This analysis is regularly published on our website. The way in which a trader can determine his trading strategy. All of these published analytics only serve as special guides for traders. So there is no reason to think that this analysis will always provide the right trading instructions. Forex trading is a risky investment tool. This analysis is provided only to give you an existing idea of ​​the market. Only, refrain from making entries in any trade based on this analysis. FX Bangladesh will not accept any of your loss / damage. So, refrain from accepting entry into the trade depending on the analysis. Because, FX Bangladesh will not accept any of your loss / damage.

Central Bank Principles –

According to the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act, 1947 of the Central Bank of our country, the purchase and sale of foreign currency by any person / company other than the authorized dealer / money changer of Bangladesh Bank is completely illegal and crime.

Advertising and lying –

Forex trading is considered by many to be an easy way to get rich and there is a lot of profit to be made in a short time. This type of temptation is the kind of advertising we often see. When you hear from someone, do not be motivated to trade Forex. Without knowing or not understanding, the probability of loss will be 100%. Also, always try to stay away from the following ads

  1. 100 percent surety of profit;
  2. All Signal Ads;
  3. Trading with Trading Strategy will only benefit (XX)%;
  4. Simple solutions to change destiny or different campaigns for millions;
  5. Guarantee of profit by trading with robots;
  6. Complete Secure Trading System / Strategy;
  7. Fund management offers, etc…

There is no guaranteed profit or change of fortune in the Forex market. To date no one has been successful in trading through the above mentioned advertisement and will never get any day. So, refrain from getting into any such trap and remember, you have to protect yourself from the hard earned money.

Finally –

If the Forex market were so easy, there would be no unemployment of 2 million in Bangladesh, and brokers would never show you a risk alert. If you want to start or learn Forex trading, then know yourself first and practice hard. Keep yourself away from all kinds of fraudulent advertising, signal trading, robot trading, fund management and increase your self-reliance.