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There are many people who have been trading or trying to do real trading for some time but are not able to make a good profit or are at loss. But still want to continue trading. To guide them, we are offering a copy trading service, which will allow you to copy the trading entries of our expert traders.

That means you do not have to trade on your own. Our traders will trade, you just keep copying it. Only then. You do not need to perform anything else. The process is very simple and automatic so you do not need to worry about it. here are some features of our copy trading.

  • You don’t have to trade on your own. You just copy our trades.
  • Entries will be accepted according to the full risk and money management so you don’t have to worry much.
  • No fee or charge will be applicable for this.
  • Possible entry points, closing points for trade entry will be notified on our community portal and via email. So, not likely to be missed.
  • We do not need to provide any ID or password for your trading account. You will get the benefit of copying yourself. That is, there is no problem with security.
  • You can start trading with a minimum deposit of 200, which means you will not need a large fund.

Submit the form by providing the correct information in the Copy Trading Application form below. Our expert traders will review it and let you know the rest of the information via email. Also, if you have any questions, you can also email us at

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    Related FAQ

    Q: Copy trading for whom?

    A: This copy trading service is basically for those who have been trading for a long time but are not able to make a profit in the trade. This will allow you to copy the trades of our expert traders.

    Q: Can I take copy trading services?

    A: You can only use this copy trading service if you are trading Forex and know how to trade.

    Q: How much funds do you need for copy trading?

    A: You will need to deposit at least $200 to enroll our copy trading services.

    Q: I trade on a different broker, can I copy?

    A: Our Copy Trading service will only be done through a specific broker. Due to which you must register a real trading account with the broker we recommend.

    Q: Do we have any fees or charges?

    A: We have no fees or charges for copy trading. You will only receive and close entries according to our guided brokers and analysis.

    Q: What are the conditions for this?

    A: We need to register on our community portal and join a private group where our expert traders will regularly provide signals for different entry positions and you will accept or close the entry accordingly. Community portal link –

    Q: Terms of copy trading

    উত্তরঃ In order to receive and use our Copy Trading services, you must be aware of the Copy Trading Policy.

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